Open the server port in Windows® firewall

In order to let your coworkers use the XMLmind XSL Server which is running on your machine, the TCP port chosen during the preceding configuration step must not be blocked by the firewall running on your machine (if any).
This configuration step allows you to open this TCP port in Windows® built-in firewall. As you can see it in the screenshot below, this configuration step suggests several good reasons not to do this.
If you want controlapp to open the chosen TCP port in Windows® built-in firewall, select "Yes, do it now".
  • Option "Yes, do it now" requires you to have administrator privileges. On Windows® Vista® and all following Windows® versions(1), this means right-clicking on the icon of controlapp and then selecting "Run as Administrator" from the popup menu.
  • Choosing option "Yes, do it now" will not make your system unstable. If you really need your coworkers to access XMLmind XSL Server on your machine, do not hesitate to choose this option.
  • If you do not select option "Yes, do it now", Windows® itself may prompt you to ``allow'' one of the following programs: java.exe, jsl32.exe or jsl64.exe, just after XMLmind XSL Server is started. It's okay to accept what's suggested by Windows®. Doing this will have more or less the same effect as choosing option "Yes, do it now".

 (1) Not on Windows XP where suffice to be an administrator.