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ConverterOutputEncoding Property
Public API of XMLmind XSL-FO Converter for .NET
The conversion output encoding.

Namespace: XmlMind.FoConverter
Assembly: xfc_cs (in xfc_cs.dll) Version: 5.5.0
public string OutputEncoding { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: String

This property specifies the conversion output encoding. Supported values depend on the target output format:

  • For RTF output supported values are "us-ascii" (ASCII), "windows-1252" (Windows Latin-1), "windows-1250" (Windows Eastern European) and "windows-1251" (Windows Cyrillic). The default value is "windows-1252".
  • For WML and OpenDocument output supported values are "us-ascii" (ASCII), "windows-1252" (Windows Latin-1), "windows-1250" (Windows Eastern European), "windows-1251" (Windows Cyrillic) and "utf-8" (UTF-8). The default value is "windows-1252" for WML output and "utf-8" for OpenDocument output.
  • For Open XML output the only supported value is "utf-8" (UTF-8).

Note: for Open XML and OpenDocument output this property specifies the encoding of XML content in the output document.

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